Mobile Library Timetable

The Mobile Library service is very under used in Shelfanger with only two people currently using this facility. Books can be ordered on line if they are not available in the van or they can be ordered on the van for the next visit. The dates and times are shown below. Sadly, if usage does not increase, this service is likely to be reviewed - so use  it or lose it.

Dates of Next Visit. ( Wednesdays) tba


Shelfanger                     12.40 - 12.50       The Green, Heywood Road

Shelfanger                     12.55 - 13.10       Village Seat

The van also calls at Tibenham, Aslacton, Great Moulton, Winfarthing and Banham. for more information, call 01603 222267. The route number is CEN348