Kickstart Norfolk.

Norfolk Moped hire


As a charity, Kickstart Norfolk understands the need to reach out to individuals residing across Norfolk and provide them with information about our transport service and potential funding. Having access to transport is crucial for those residing in remote, rural locations of our county who often state that without it, they are left  feeling isolated and have little chance of moving forward with their lives.  Our charity has had a record year, assisting 481 individuals across Norfolk with transport, many of whom have used this to secure employment, training or education provisions, or to address their complex barriers to work.

 We have a number of funding opportunities that are available to continue providing individuals within your community with transport, transport that gives them the flexibility and independence they need to go about securing a better future for themselves and their families. 

 At the end of Kickstart Norfolk’s financial year, to ensure that the charity is doing the most effective job of achieving its charitable objectives, statistical data is collated and a detailed report is produced providing a breakdown of data for each of the 7- district, borough, council areas of Norfolk. I attach a copy of this report for you to peruse at your convenience. 

Moving forward into 2018/2019, Kickstart Norfolk hopes that 2018/2019 sees our charity work with Shelfanger Parish Council to assist more individuals to move forward with their lives, together we really can make a difference.