Shelfanger Allotments



Following the article in Cockcrow for August/September 2019 we thought some villagers may not know much about them. The allotments land was gifted to the village in two parts. In 1596 a yeoman named Roger Dade gifted about 3 acres, to be known as the Old Town land, to be held after his death 'for the benefit of the inhabitants of Shelfanger'. It was interesting to notice that one of the eight feofees who initially held responsibility for this gift was one William Roper, ancestor of the late Fred Roper who was a much-respected servant of Shelfanger Church until his death a few years ago. 

The New Town Land was purchased in 1737 with £100 bequeathed by Miss Sarah Franklin who directed that the net income be spent providing bread for the poor of the parish 'every Lord's Day in the year for ever'. After the involvement of the Charity Commissioners in more recent times 'The Shelfanger Charities' was formed. This allowed the monies raised to be used for the benefit of villagers in a different way. 

The Shelfanger Charities administer the running of the twelve allotments (some are divided into two halves) and the remainder is rented to a local farmer. All the allotments are occupied at present, but we do operate a waiting list so if anyone is interested in taking one in future please notify either Pam Ross, (Chairman) Vi cci Day (Treasurer) or Marilyn Hurst (Secretary) We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.