Minutes of latest Shelfanger PPC meeting


Minutes of the Shelfanger PARISH COUNCIL meeting

on Monday 16th September 2019, in the SHELFANGER village hall Club room

PRESENT:  Mrs Paines (Chair) Mr M. Paines (Deputy) Mr P. Chambers, Mrs M Hurst,

Mrs Pam Ross, Mr S Groom   & Cll. Bev Spratt                                       The Clerk Mrs L. Easter

Apologies: Mrs P. Webster, District Councillor James Easter

There were no declarations of interest re items on the Agenda.

Members of the public:  None

READING AND SIGNING OF THE MINUTES:  Minutes of the Parish council meeting of 15th July 2019 were read. Mr Chambers proposed that they were a true and accurate account & this was seconded by Mr Groom  so duly signed by Mrs Paines.

Matters arising: Mrs Ross pointed out that the tree described as a Beech was in fact a Silver Birch. The Clerk apologised for the error.

District Councillor:   James Easter forwarded a report which is attached.

County Councillor: Bev Spratt expressed his concern about South Norfolk Council always suggesting they are short of funds because, although they have borrowed £650,000,000, there is still money available for projects. However, he did add that Children’s services were £6 million over budget.  Mrs Paines thanked Mr Spratt for his contribution towards Ivan Lord’s grass cutting machinery.

On the topic of global warming, he stated that each person in the UK produces 506 tons of carbon per annum so the Council was working to reduce its carbon footprint by 2040.

He reported that the roundabout on the A140 should be open for traffic by mid -October 2019.

Mrs Paines informed Mr Spratt that an engineer had cleared out the grille in Common Road but reminded him that Bob West should make this a regular task especially as the ditches have the potential to flood after inevitable heavy rainfalls. She thanked Mr Spratt for attending our meeting.  He left at 7.45 pm.

CORRESPONDENCE: Since our last meeting, a letter was sent by the Clerk to local resident Trevor Morgan, informing him that the Birch tree he planted on the verge near his house had to be removed from Parish land.  Mr Morgan replied to the PC and has agreed to remove it.  Mrs Ross will assist him to replant the said tree on Boyland Common if he so choses.

Mrs Paines stated that as we are a small parish with limited funds, the Council’s partnership scheme initiative discussed at our July meeting would not be worth bidding for.

PLANNING APPLICATION: There were no objections to the application received for the erection of a garage to the rear of ‘New Horizons’ Heywood Road, Shelfanger.

FINANCE:  A summary of the Parish Council’s accounts @ 16th September 2019 was read out.

Current Account = £3983.55    Savings Account = £3084.01p

A cheque was made out to Jo Thompson for Parish website maintenance and 2 cheques to Ivan Lord, one for petrol costs and the other for the purchase of a new strimmer. All three were signed by Mrs Ross and Mr Chambers.  The Clerk explained that a mandate form had been completed and sent to Barclays Bank H.O. to ensure signatories were recognised by them. Online banking will be organised once the mandate is authorised.

BOYLAND COMMON: Mrs Ross read out Boyland Common report and copy is attached. She added that an Austrian Scythe workshop took place on the Common and it has also been noted that there is a welcome increase in our local owl population. The ‘Friends of Boyland Common’ has been renamed the ‘Boyland Common Conservation group’.

VILLAGE HAL: The village hall extension has been a success with increased numbers of patrons using the facilities. 3 table tennis tables have been supplied by S. Norfolk Council and a table tennis club is now open.  Further events are being planned by the Village Hall Social club committee.

AOB: The Clerk asked Mrs Paines to read the Equality, the Health & Safety, the Data Protection and the Social Media & electronic communication policies and sign them so they can be filed.

Mrs Paines asked the Clerk to produce a Parish Council Christmas newsletter for Shelfanger residents. Mrs Paines also asked the Clerk to write to DEFRA regarding the maintenance of the ditch in Heywood Road.

Enquiries also need to be made regarding ownership of hedgerows along the footpath which leads from Church Walk to Rectory Road where overhanging branches are becoming a problem.

Mrs Paines has asked the clerk to make enquiries with Richard Gardiner the landlord of the burnt out property in Heywood Road which remains derelict and hazardous.

The meeting closed at 8 .55 p m.

The next meeting Monday 18th November 2019