Mar 2017 PCC meeting -Minutes



Shelfanger Village Hall


I am pleased to show the minutes of the above meeting below.


PRESENT:   Mrs M Paines (Chair) Mr P Chambers Mr R and Mrs M Hurst Mr M Paines  Mrs P Ross, Mrs P Webster  Member of the Public  Mr J Easter  and The Clerk (Mrs H Green)


APOLOGIES:  District Councillor Stone


The Chair thanked everyone for coming.



The Chair began by asking if there was anyone who wished to use this time.  No one wished to.



Following a discussion at the last meeting, the clerk has ascertained that under the Transparency Code the minutes need to be published on the website with in a month of the  meeting.  As it was felt that the minutes should be checked before they go on the internet, the clerk had forwarded a copy to all members for reading and agreeing.  The checked minutes were then published.  With this in mind the minutes were signed on a proposal by Mrs Ross and seconded by Mr Chambers.



Glebe area

No update was available on the erection of the warning signs for the Glebe Area off Heywood Road


Village Sign

Lead flashing still to be done in the dryer weather.


Dog  Mess Warning signs

These are still awaiting erection. 


Police Attendance

Following the police presence at the last meeting.  There have been speeding checks carried out in the village.  No information available but at least it is reminding drivers to watch their speed when travelling through the village.


Ditch Maintenance on Common Road

The clerk has been in touch with Mr Butler who is farming two of the fields along Common Road and also the agent for Lime Tree Barn, reminding them of their riparian duties.  The Council has also written to The Barn on High London Lane, who own part of the ditch and a third of the pond next to Manor Farm.  (The property has  'L' shaped grounds we are advised)  No response from The Barn so the clerk asked to take the matter further.


HGVs in the village

In the last minutes it was reported that the high presence of these could be due to the aerobatic digester in Bressingham.  Mrs Webster said that she didn't think this had been built as there is not many HGVs go along Dog Lane or pass Boyland Common.  It was felt that these vehicles must be servicing the Pig Farm on High London Lane.



Councillor Spratt commented that all members would have seen that the tax has gone up.  £20 million will be going into the road maintenance fund.

The Children's Services is out of control.  In need of management.

NCC has just been fined £60,000 for negligence of staff when donating an old filing cabinet to a charity shop, which contained sensitive information.  County Councillors unhappy about this.

NDR is going along well

The pot hole filling is ongoing.    The grupps have been cleared.

Footpaths- Councillor Spratt reminded the Parish Council that the insurance covers them for getting work carried out on the paths.  There are £350 grants available for footpath work. The clerk to enquire.

South Norfolk Council is now making it a no smoking area near their premises.


Councillor Spratt was asked why in some Quiet Lane areas the speed limit was 60 mph, he replied it was something which was done some time back and was not a very satisfactory scheme.


Mr Paines asked Councillor Spratt if he knew if Druids Lane was likely to be resurfaced soon as it is in a bad state.   The clerk asked to email Councillor Spratt so he can look into it.



No report available.  Councillor Stone attending a Parish Annual meeting.



An email was read out regarding having a Tree Warden in the village.  South Norfolk Tree Warden

Network has been formed following the demise of the Tree wardens at Norfolk County Council.  A discussion followed as to what would be required of the warden. The only information available appeared to be for the planting of trees not looking after existing ones. The Clerk to investigate.



The Barn – High London Lane – the new replacement stable building is causing some concern over its size – The enforcement officer visited and the height is correct but now there are breaches of the planning so work has stopped.


Glebe Cottage -  Revised plans not received by the Parish Council but SNC approved the alterations


Quince House – new outbuilding/garage – Parish Council approved the plans.


The Caravan -  High London Lane – The clerk has reported, to the SND planning department that there seems to be some activity on this site despite the refusal of the licence for making this a site for a living space.



There is currently £4,040.02 in the current account. (£300 VAT reimbursement, £32.30 wayleave and £25.00 for Boyland Common have all been received.)  £521.10 is the Boyland Common money and £595.31 the Youth Initiative funds leaving £2923.61 for the Parish council.


Cheques were needed for The website domain name renewal  (£50.00)  The pest control for the Allotments (£134.35) and the clerk half year salary and expenses (£1085.76)



Apparently the Community Rangers did come to the village in January and carried out some tidying up work in Wash Lane but did not do the checking of the culvert or the ford, or washing of the signs  as was suggested to them.   Members did confirm that they had cut back the verge on Wash Lane.



Mrs Ross said that the footpath which goes from Bellrope path to the moat, across from the top of Heywood Road,  has not been marked out clearly.   The clerk to contact Mr Gardiner and ask him to rectify this before walkers take an alternative route.



Mr Chambers reported that he has been making progress on what he is now able to do with the website.  He has had a session with the web master and still learning.   The Parish Council has a sub section for the minutes.  He can also post items and put an expiry date so that events which have passed are not still visible.



Mrs Ross said that the group were currently trying to organise a meeting. She has just written to the farmers to ask them to cut and take the hay, and to Stella Taylor (local wildflower expert) asking her to do a wild flower walk at a time of her choosing.     Mr Easter said that he had seen an Owl going into the owl box and it can be seen most afternoons between 3 and 4 pm out hunting.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45 pm


Next meeting on 22nd May 2017 which will be the Annual General Meeting.


Paul Chambers -